Blogrolling TRP channels

I just noticed what I believe is the first blog from a TRP channel postdoc in the blogosphere. His name is Nathaniel Blair and he’s started a blog called The Junction Potential. The blog is brand new so go over and give him some encouragement and some hits. Maybe he’ll repay me with that advice we’re still looking for on gramicidin perforated patch which continues to be a thorn in our collective sides around the Juniorprof lab.

2 responses to “Blogrolling TRP channels

  1. Thanks jp, the encouragement and hits certainly help.

    Perforated patch! Ugh. But I do have a friend who did a series of gramicidin expts for a paper, and he didn’t have too much trouble getting results. I’ll ask him for exact product numbers, and any other protocol stuff. I definitely remember him sonicating the internal soln after adding gramicidin. But I’ll ask him.

  2. Nat, We’re able to get gramicidin patches but they are few and far between. Our main problem is keeping the patch stable. Any advice/protocols you can email would be very deeply appreciated.

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