The Cheap Stuff Page

1) Iowa Hybridoma Bank. Created by NIH. Monoclonals for $25 a pop.
2) NeuroMab. A UC Davis/NIMH/NINDS operation. Monoclonals for $35 a pop. Mostly Neuroscience oriented.

1) National Cancer Institute Drug Repository. Investigational drugs, radiolabeled compounds, the list goes on.
2) Ascent Scientific. Like Tocris, but cheaper.
3) NIDA Drug Supply Program. Compounds for research use for NIDA (NIH)-funded researchers.
4) LC Laboratories. Quality signal transduction compounds at great prices.

Infectious Disease / Immunology
1) NIAID Resources for Researchers. Cell lines, antibodies, vaccine reagents, etc…

Used/Refurbished Equipment
1) Cambridge Scientific Products
2) Biosurplus
3) American Instrument Exchange

1) Newark

1) D-Mark Biosciences. Great prices on polymerases, etc.


8 responses to “The Cheap Stuff Page

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  2. Baroque but not Musical

    It turns out that the best deals for PCR plastics comes from a company called Bioplastics. The quality is unlike anyone else, as we see very low loss of sample after cycling, which means we can use much lower reagents, which saves even more money. You can find them at Turns out that company up in Canada you mentioned before sells them as well…go figure.

  3. Jenny F. Scientist had a terrific series of posts on Science on the Cheap recently….

  4. Dr. J, Thanks for that link. Brilliant stuff from Jenny F Scientist!!

  5. I see that the site is giving away the Piko cycler. It actually looks like a great cycler. I called them up, and they said you had to purchase $10,000 worth of consumable products (which were priced really low…ie. tons of Taq, dNTP’s, Tips, tubes, clean-up kits….overall a good deal on the consumables alone) in order to get the cycler for free. Does anyone have any first-hand experience with the Piko cycler?

  6. Excellent job once again. I am looking forward for your next post;)

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