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Martin Lindstrom, I think you could be dangerously wrong!

There is an oped in the NYTimes today about cigarette labels. The author, Martin Lindstrom, talks about graphic labels on cigarette containers and their effectiveness for encouraging people to quit smoking. He concludes that they don’t work. Guess why? Functional imaging of course… Continue reading


I grew up watching a variety of ABC News programs. Peter Jennings was my main man (great Canadian, BTW) and some of my fondest memories of childhood were watching Nightline with Ted Koppel and Dave Marash reporting with my Pops and talking afterwards about the world and politics.

Well ABCNEWS, ya’ll have been stinking it up of late and the “debate” the other night didn’t help the situation. The flagpin crap was especially irritating (but not as bad as who loves America more), but, wait, what do you mean, the whole flagpin thing wasn’t some randomly chosen voter from PA. Seriously, Peter Jennings must be rolling over in his grave. No more ABC in my house!

HT to PZ and Field Negro.