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A pain drug discovery success story: anti-NGF therapy for osteoarthritis

With all the recent layoffs in Pharma, coupled with the axing of many analgesic drug development programs within these institutions, its nice to finally see a success (albeit of potentially short longevity — more on that later). The treatment is … Continue reading

First step toward the holy grail of pain research? Molecular identity of a mechanically gated ion channel, Coste et al., 2010 Science

For as long as I have been in pain research (and long before I ever even thought about pain research) the topic of mechanically-gated ion channels has been a huge deal. The reasons are simple: 1) We obtain information about … Continue reading

#painresearchmatters campaign

Yes, I’m on twitter and I’m now posting in Twitterspeak. That’s the hashtag for a little campaign I am starting on twitter to highlight the importance of pain research. The idea is simple, tell the twitter world why you support … Continue reading

What causes chronic pain – or – how does pain become chronic?

Pain, as terrible as it can be when it outlasts its stay, is actually a vital protective function of our nervous system. The body detects pain through a subgroup of primary sensory neurons, called nociceptors, that innervate the entire body … Continue reading

Support pain medicine and pain research

If you’re interested there is something that you can do right now!! Write your Senators and ask them to support the National Pain Care Policy Act of 2008. If that link does not work for any reason, go here and … Continue reading

Pain is the 5th vital sign, problem for opiate abuse?

Drugmonkey points out that the graphic I linked to in the Las Vegas Sun last week was part of a series of articles on growing rates of narcotic abuse in Nevada. In part one of that series Marshall Allen and … Continue reading

NIH Transformative R01 Program: Pain Focus

So NIH has released an intention to begin a new funding opportunity for “Transformative” R01s. Included in the focus is the transition from acute to chronic pain. This “transition” is a mysterious one and the fact of the matter is … Continue reading

Opiate abuse on the rise, a problem for pain management?

Drugmonkey, via Kevin Z, points out a map of the US showing rates of prescription narcotic use in the US by state and rather alarming trends in increases in narcotic use nearly across the board (from the Las Vegas Sun). … Continue reading

So much for that

You may remember that not so long ago I wrote about what looked like a drug discovery success story for pain: anti-NGF therapy for osteoarthritis. Well, it looks like that success was short-lived. Somehow I missed this over the Christmas … Continue reading

Compare and contrast

From the most recent International Cannabinoid Research Society Meeting Abstract Book: