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Compare and contrast

From the most recent International Cannabinoid Research Society Meeting Abstract Book: Continue reading

A new mechanism of action for Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs)?: Pharm 551A, Baudry et al., 2010

ResearchBlogging.orgThis is the last paper for the first section of the class and, as such, it serves as a transition from basic drug discovery work to the next section of the class, the pharmacology of gene expression. The paper, MiR-16 Targets the Serotonin Transporter: A New Facet for Adaptive Responses to Antidepressants, Baudry et al., 2010 Science, is a last minute addition for the class. I had another miRNA and pharmacology paper in this spot before but, when I saw this paper, I couldn’t help myself and switched the papers. Here’s why: Continue reading