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Identifying tumor suppressor genes through an in vivo RNA interference screen, Pharm 551A: Bric et al., 2009

ResearchBlogging.orgOn the agenda for today is another paper about screening (one more to go after this one): Bric et al., (2009) Functional identification of tumor-suppressor genes through an in vivo RNA interference screen in a mouse lymphoma model [PMC]. This one is a different from our other screening papers because this one is not drug based. Rather, the authors have devised a screen to discover tumor suppressor genes in a mouse model of lymphoma. We’ll jump into all of this in a minute but first I want to take a minute to tell you why I chose this paper (which is way outside my area of expertise). Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending the Rita Allen Foundation Scholars Meeting. This wonderful event was held in Princeton NJ and all of the current Rita Allen Foundation Scholars gave talks or presented posters. There I had the pleasure of learning about the work of Michael Hemann. Michael gave a really fantastic talk about work related to the current paper and I just couldn’t resist including some of this in my class. Having said that, this paper was more difficult to digest than I remembered from his talk and from my initial read of the paper when I was putting the syllabus together. It all seemed so much more simple when he was describing it in his talk, but, then again, that’s the sign of a great talk. We’ll see if I survive this today…

Back to the paper. As with all of the other screening papers we have done so far, the idea is simple: devise a screen for genes that suppress oncogenesis in vivo. To do this the authors have used a widely accepted lymphoma model and an RNA interference-based screen to find potentially novel tumor suppressor genes:
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