And I’m off…

to Montreal! Having lived in Montreal for 3 years as a postdoc at McGill I’m about as excited as I can be to be headed back to my old stomping grounds for the International Association for the Study of Pain meeting. Mrs. JP and I will be there for a week and are both attending the conference. This will be Mrs. JP’s first time at the conference and our first time going to a conference together (the basic and clinical mix at this conference has provided the opportunity). Should be exciting!

This is the first IASP meeting on the new two year rotation (next one is in Japan 2012 and then to Argentina 2014). The schedule for this meeting is very strong (IASP is always good) but the growth in the field is readily evident from this year’s line-up of talks and posters. I may try to blog the conference but more likely I’ll be sending out tweets.

Pharm 551A class, there will be no posts this week for class content since I won’t be around.

2 responses to “And I’m off…

  1. Have fun! I’ve somehow managed to A) never make it to Montreal, and 2) never make it to a pain related meeting (even though one was in Boston since I’ve been here). Lame, I know.

  2. welcome home JP!

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