Daily Archives: August 24, 2010

Pharm 551A: first day of class

Today was the first day of class for Pharm 551A. Not much to talk about other than a brief discussion of the construction of the class and expectations followed up by a quick run through of the basics of drug discovery to prep for the papers we’ll be doing over the next month. We’ll start the online continuation of paper discussion here after Thursday’s class.

If you’re coming over to check out the blog and are in the class here are some links to the pharma blogs I told you about this morning:
Derek Lowe’s In The Pipeline
and another I forgot to mention: Pharma Conduct, although it may have gone dead because nothing has been posted in some time.

Also, here are some of my previous discussions on drug discovery on this blog, in case you’re interested:
Drug Discovery in Academia
Drug Discovery in Academia and NIH funding

Regular readers of my blog (DM and someone else I’m sure), this is the start of the incorporation of my class into the blog. Yes, its an experiment and, yes, the students agreed that it “might” be useful.