Monthly Archives: June 2009

I know you guys are busy but come on

I got the summary statement for my latest NIH grant (this one was for a special mechanism). The application was unscored, again, but you know, I’m cool with no scores now. The summary statement, on the other hand, I am not fine with. Not a single comment on the grant. I poured myself into learning an area that I knew nothing about for this grant. They could have at least given me one sentence. Otherwise, how am I supposed to know the thing was even reviewed.

In other news, my R01 gets resubmitted this week. I need a vacation. Luckily I have one coming up… Mr and Mrs Juniorprof are going to Quito and Galapagos. We’ve got a month before we leave so any advice from those that have been is most welcome.

Silence is the Enemy

Join the fight against sexual crimes against women by participating in the “Silence is the Enemy” campaign. Read Nicholas Kristof’s NYTimes piece that inspired Sheril Kirstenbaum’s post on Discover Blogs starting the campaign. Join the Facebook group. And go read about science on Scienceblogs where many of the bloggers are donating their page-view proceeds to Doctors without Borders in an effort to stop the violence and to bring needed medical attention to its victims. Finally, write your congress-person and let them know that you expect to see political action to reduce crimes against women worldwide.