Juniorprof got a call from a very generous foundation today to notify him that he will be receiving a Fellowship award for the next three years from said foundation. Juniorprof is very excited! While the money is not huge, it is a start, and this Fellowship carries some degree of prestige in Juniorprof’s area that makes it a real honor to be recognized in such a way. Time for a margarita!!


21 responses to “WooT!!!

  1. Woohoo!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!

  2. DamnGoodTechnician

    Hot damn!! See, here I thought you were w00ting about them Heels in the Final Four!

  3. Congrats, jp! That’s awesome news :)

  4. Congrats JP! Sounds awesome!!

  5. W00T indeed.


  6. Margarita? Sack the fucking fuck up and have a real motherfucking drink!

  7. Thanks everyone! CPP, you’ll be happy to know that I bypassed the margarita fixins and went straight to the Tequila. Patron Anejo… tasty!

  8. Congratulations juniorprof. Great news!

  9. Congratulations, Brother! Exceptionally well-deserved.

    The heck with drinking Anejo or motherfucking Jameson – you deserve to go smoke some peyote buttons!

  10. Congrats JP! I’m sure there’s something in the lab fridge worth ingesting in celebration!

  11. Sweet! I will have a margarita in honor of your award – cheers! (Seriously, I’ll take any excuse I can get).

  12. Really, really excellent news JP!! I’ll have a drink in your honor tonight!

  13. Thanks everyone!! One day has passed and I am still quite happy, so is my dept chair!

  14. Sorry I’m late to this party, but hearty congrats dude! Hope this is the harbinger of even better things to come.

  15. I see Juniorprof’s already hit the hard liquor… he’s writing in the 3rd person. I also thought this w00T post was related to Ty Lawson’s fucking toe.
    Congrats, many more $$$

  16. Rock the party!!

  17. Hey that you simply a great deal for the report, it was really and informative examine! I will be again afterwards for certain.

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