Bad Day

Another grant, another unscored.  What do you have to do to get these things scored anyways?  I’m beginning to get worried.  And while we’re at it, how freaking hard can it be to get a bloody MTA negotiated?  I’m sitting here watching a nice project going down the tubes over a bunch of MTA haggling.  Come on tech-transfer office, you’re supposed to facilitate not crush!

Finally, on a positive note, to the VC firms, I’m beginning to understand how ya’ll work and where you’re becoming increasingly important in the spin-off, spin-off game.  Assuming this doesn’t come crashing down with the rest of the economy (big assumption, I know) this is looking like an increasing interesting back-up plan.  No, I’m not close to throwing in the towel but it seems prudent to consider options at this juncture.

9 responses to “Bad Day

  1. bummer about the triage holmes. sorry to hear that. don’t forget to give yourself a night of drinkin/feeling sorry for yourself as a consolation prize! then get back up and …. well, you know the rest :-)

  2. Suck, suck, sucky-suck. Oh dear, can I tag someone in such a crappy place? Well, music might cheer you up a tad. Tag!

  3. JP- HANG IN THERE. That shit is going around at my house too. I’ll have a drink for you this evening- and tomorrow… it’s back to business for you (and me)…

  4. JP,
    Dude, it is prudent to consider options at every juncture, not just this one.
    And yes, tech transfer can suck. You’ve probably already done this but when dealing with MTA or with tech transfer in general take the time to try and discuss the problem/hold-up etc. Tech transfer people go by templates and can get stuck on general notions and language. Sometimes it helps them to have someone ‘translate’ the issue at hand so that their perceived concern may not be a big deal. Every field/area/subject at a univ has its specific concerns and issues and assuming that tech-transfer is well versed with all of that in every field may be an unwise assumption.

  5. I’ll certainly hang in there… and have a drink or two…

    On the MTA thing, anonymoustache, we’ve been dealing with this for awhile and we appear to have a hang up on state constitutional issues with respect to subsidiaries of the parent company and IP. I am still hopeful that this can get resolved but its not looking particularly good. On the other hand, the proliferation of subsidiaries, spin-offs or whatever you wanna call ’em have suddenly led to all this VC action. Its quite interesting, I must say, but you’re right, options should be considered at every juncture.

  6. Hang in there, holmes. It’s all about the persistence. Have a motherfucking Jameson, on me.

  7. JP, sorry to hear this. Would it make you feel any better that when I was thinking this morning about the scientist bloggers I might consider wanting to be when I grow up (not really, ’cause I’m actually grown up already — maybe I mean the science bloggers I’d like my children to grow up to be?) your name came to mind? We’re not at all in the same field, but seeing your eagerness and joy at your work (including the science summaries you’ve posted) gives me warm fuzzies.

  8. Thanks neurolover. It gives me warm fuzzies too!

  9. Sorry to hear about your triage, I just got one too. :( It does suck a lot.

    I think it’s incredibly cruel to give us scores (or lacks thereof) without the accompanying summary statements–what, really, is the deal that prevents those from being loaded into the system concurrently?

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