Daily Archives: February 5, 2009

Bad Day

Another grant, another unscored.  What do you have to do to get these things scored anyways?  I’m beginning to get worried.  And while we’re at it, how freaking hard can it be to get a bloody MTA negotiated?  I’m sitting here watching a nice project going down the tubes over a bunch of MTA haggling.  Come on tech-transfer office, you’re supposed to facilitate not crush!

Finally, on a positive note, to the VC firms, I’m beginning to understand how ya’ll work and where you’re becoming increasingly important in the spin-off, spin-off game.  Assuming this doesn’t come crashing down with the rest of the economy (big assumption, I know) this is looking like an increasing interesting back-up plan.  No, I’m not close to throwing in the towel but it seems prudent to consider options at this juncture.