Daily Archives: December 30, 2008

On dressing

No, not stuffing! Dr Isis has a post up about the personal choices of fashion, gender stereotypes and what they mean for your role modelness. Well, that’s my interpretation. She concludes, to my reading, that dressing, dresses and shoes have nothing to do with anything other than what you like to wear. I concur.

First off, I don’t particularly like Isis’s taste in shoes. Not that I don’t like heels, I just think the heels she likes are a tad flashy for my taste. But that preference is completely in the abstract (in other words, I don’t like the pictures). On the other hand, if Isis came into my office and I saw those shoes on her, I would probably think they were all that. Why? Because she would demonstrate through the way she carries herself in those shoes that they were indeed all that. I’m sure she would convince me. Likewise, Isis may not like my colorful socks all by themselves. However, I’m sure she would love them if she saw how fabulous they looked paired with a nice pinstriped suit, a subdued tie and some Tod’s drivers.

Isis says:

I find certain things to be beautiful and they may not be the same things that you do.

And I would guess that another thing she finds beautiful is herself in those clothes and shoes. I’m no different. I look at clothes and shoes as if they were art. When I go to bed at night I think about what I will wear tomorrow. I think about what part of my personality I want to portray through my appearance the next day. I don’t give a shit if anyone thinks I look like something I shouldn’t be on that day. I would imagine that Isis gives less of a shit. The thing that matters is that you are comfortable in what you wear. If you could care less about your clothes, more power to you, I bet you have some extra cash that I don’t have. If you want to look like you walked out of a magazine everyday, great. There is nothing wrong with anyone’s personal preference when it comes to their daily appearance and any societal constructs that get in your way of being the person you want to be are bunk, as far as I am concerned.

In closing, it is my opinion that we should celebrate our differences in self expression through all of its varieties of daily forms. Efforts to tear people down based on their lifestyle choices or whether or not they resemble the role-model another would like them to be are energies best spent on your own personal creativity and individuality. And I’m gonna wear my super-colorful striped socks tomorrow, with loafers, shorts and a sports coat (well maybe not tomorrow, it might be too cold)!

Transition team notes

I got an email from one of my professional organizations today containing links to a number of letters sent to the Obama Transition Team concerning science funding and how research is a vital part of our economy. There were five of them, one each from AAU, FASEB, PhRMA, Research!America and the Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research. I especially liked the Ad Hoc letter and it is reproduced in its entirety below (including its members, it is Ad Hoc, after all, so that’s important) Continue reading