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Juniorprof recommends:

Antony & The Johnsons

Putzing around in my iTunes library I realized that aside from Jonny Greenwood’s soundtrack for “There Will be Blood” I have listened to two Antony & The Johnsons albums more than any other albums in my giant (55Gb) library. I’ve been an Antony fan for several years now and originally found out about the band when I saw a poster for one of their shows in the Montreal metro during Black and Blue festival of 2005 (although I think I remember it was for a show in NYC, not in Montreal). If you haven’t heard Antony’s music before, I imagine that it will be unlike anything you have ever heard before. Its not rock or pop and is likely best described as a mix of blues and classical. In fact, many of the band members are classically trained musicians and their arrangements are truly beautiful. Continue reading

Industry collaborations… the first meeting

Today was my first major meeting with a major industrial partner for my research aims. The lead-up was stressful and I am glad it is over. I am also glad that it went very well but I am one tired puppy! The entire process was an interesting and exciting experience. Unlike your normal academic collaboration talk this one had a long lead-up with many potential sticking points along the way.

It started like this: an old friend who and I had a casual talk about a potential drug target at a meeting some time ago. She went back and did some background work (I.P. space and the like) on the potential target and we gathered some preliminary data on the idea. Eventually we decided that this looked good to all parties and then the negotiation over the initial terms began. This was somewhat surprising to me because it wasn’t really clear to me that there were any terms to negotiate. I would have been wrong. Continue reading

Preliminary data and the new investigator

I’m just back from a nice meeting in an exceedingly exotic location and I’ve got to admit, I’m feeling nice and tan. I gave a presentation at the meeting and it went swimmingly, so swimmingly that many of the subsequent speakers were referring back to my talk throughout their following presentations. I know who I have to thank for that (if you’re reading, thanks again for the opportunity!). At this little meeting there was a nice dinner session on obtaining NIH grants. The session was hosted by two well funded extramural researchers (albeit in clinical areas) and one program officer. They all gave excellent talks although this particular dinner was not very well attended (my fellow junior investigators, WTF are you thinking skipping out on these things?). Onto the point… Throughout the talks, all three presenters raised the issue of preliminary data, both in terms of what this means for the new investigator and how it might change with the advent of the 12 page application. Continue reading