Seeing is believing

Still in Helsinki and still having a grand time. Tomorrow I have the day off and will enter tourist mode. Can’t wait for that. Over the past few days I have been in Dr. Finland Collaborator’s (Dr.FC) lab talking about plans for future experiments. I think we’ve come up with about 10 years worth of work, which is obviously impossible, so now the task is to whittle down into manageable chunks. Today I got to see SuperKool technique that Dr.FC keeps telling me have to get up and running back home. I have to admit that before today I was never really able to grasp the concept of this particular SuperKool technique. After about 35 seconds watching it in the lab today, I got the message loud and clear. What a revelation these types of thing can be and what a shame they cost three arms and four legs. On the other hand, it is clear to see how much value this particular technique (which can be scaled down for our purposes to an affordable range) will add to what we do. But the point is that I doubt I ever would have really got it without seeing it in person. The whole trip has been fantastic but those first 35 seconds watching that experiment today made the trip worth its weight in gold. Now I’ve got 20 years of work to whittle down!


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