McCain is scared of Jim Lehrer

DailyKos has a post up (by Scout Finch) wondering exactly which portion of McCain’s campaign has actually been suspended. I think Scout Finch has hit the nail on the head, he’s looking for an out for the debate. Here’s why: Jim Lehrer. Lehrer is no bully when it comes to moderating debates; however, Lehrer is not beholden to any ratings demons and the McCain campaign cannot control his lines of questioning with threats of withholding interviews or any of the other nonsense they are pulling on the major networks (Jim Lehrer is on Public Television for those that don’t know). They know what’s coming… even though the topic is supposed to be Foreign Policy, Lehrer is going to venture into economic policy, especially how it impacts foreign relations. They are completely unprepared to talk about this sort of thing (cause the only foreign policy they know is war) and they are scared to death of what Lehrer will throw at them (and they cannot control him). The illusion of a suspended campaign is a desperate attempt to get out of it. Chickens.


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