Yesterday was not a good day. Scientifically it was great. We’re working on 4 grants with Oct deadlines and the data continues to pour in. Its exciting all around and the grants are looking very good. Couldn’t be more pleased with the progress. We had a meeting about a big collaborative grant for a Jan deadline and the group has come up with what I think is an incredibly creative outline for the work we want to do. Again, very exciting stuff… and then came the phone call.

You see, Juniorprof is hobbling yet again. This time its my knee. The first diagnosis was a bone bruise but that was 2 months ago and I still can’t run, jump or ride the bike faster than about 5 mph. I went back to the doctor about 2 weeks ago and they diagnosed torn meniscus this time. They think its of a nasty variety, that will need surgery, but the MRI has to come first. So when I called to see why the MRI appointment is taking so long to get ordered they tell me that my insurance company turned it down. Unnecessary. Did I mention it hurts to walk?

But that’s not all. We head off to the department seminar where a student gives an excellent presentation on toxicity of some new industrial compounds. He’s done some really fine work and we are all convinced that these compounds are bad for animals, so another professor asks: were these tested for safety before they started being used in situations where people could be exposed to them? We know the answer already, NO. Fuck.

Melamine. I’ve heard this word before. That’s right, it was the toxic additive that killed dogs and cats throughout the US last year in tainted pet foods. Another professor is telling us that it is being used in China, again, to increase apparent protein content in baby formal. WTF! this cannot be right, I haven’t heard this story before, it should be all over the place. Well, its not all over the news but it is happening. I think I’ll be sick.

Back to checking out financial markets. Markets are still falling apart even though A.I.G. is getting rescued. What is the shadow banking system anyway? Oh, I get it, trading bad investments for worse investments and then insuring them. Nice, looks like we all own these insurance policies now. I wonder how much we’ll pay for them over the next decade?

Fast forward to dinner with Mrs Juniorprof. The Emergency Room was packed again today. The Hospital is full and there is nowhere for patients to go but to wait in the Emergency Room. What are we gonna do if the economy collapses completely? Sure Mrs JP, you’ll have a job, but will it pay anything. Will I have a job, no idea. Can we grow food on our tiny plot of land. “It’s a fucking desert JP, are you out of your mind?” Not yet, but I think they’ve started watering down the bloody tempura sauce.


5 responses to “Realizations

  1. sorry to hear this JP

    hope the knee feels better..

    as for the global economy..I hope that feels better too, but hope doesn’t put gas in the tank so to say.

  2. “It’s a fucking desert JP, are you out of your mind?”

    Yeah, but you got your spiffy washing machine hook-up, so you’re set!

    Also you can eat cactus.

    Me, I’m going to focus on roadkill. Saves money and adds another item to that list of weird things I’ve eaten. Good for the economy, good for the ego.

    I feel a little bad that my blog has turned all politics with small excursions into science, but you know what? not that bad. I’ll return to caring about science when I get some evidence that the citizenry cares about more than moose-hunting prowess.

  3. Bloody hell! Wait til your’re my age and all of your joints start giving way.

    This is going to sound silly but it may actually be good to have surgery. All of my ailments have been visible by MRI but none have been serious enough to warrant surgery yet they significantly impair my quality of life.

    Depending on your altitude, you could grow winegrapes if your well capacity can handle it.

    Curious as to how the student got interested in the melamine project since it likely started before all of the China stuff, even before the dog food debacle.

    Sounds like Mrs JP rocks. Be sure to rub her feet every night while she drinks a cup of tea or a glass of fine pinot gris.

  4. This is going to sound silly but it may actually be good to have surgery
    I’m desperate to have surgery. All I want is to play some b-ball and ride my bike. I can’t do either!! However, I’m not about to pay for it out of pocket when I pay for health insurance. Bastard company!

    Be sure to rub her feet every night while she drinks a cup of tea or a glass of fine pinot gris.
    But of course… I know my place in the humble abode!

  5. Maybe that is what you should get for your b-day an MRI. Maybe we can get it cheaper in Mexico…I miss Canada you wait but at least you know that you will get your MRI

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