This is crazy…

So, I got this email from Obama for America this afternoon with a nice little video asking me to donate. Today is my donation day anyway, so I clicked the link to go on over and give some money… After trying for hours now, I cannot get through. I’m gonna guess the site is too busy.

Looks like they’ve already got 8 million in donations since the Palin speech last night. I can’t imagine what that total will be by the time McCain gets up there to speak. I hope I get through (and PP, don’t come around here raining on my parade, I need to feel good after last night).


7 responses to “This is crazy…

  1. I finally got through, in case anyone was worried about me…

  2. Yeah, looks like they hit $10 mil. Dr Hyde outright forbade me after I just gave last week. But I might anyhow.

    But as the awful Repugs point out, we spent zillions on Kerry to no avail. I’m thinking of a trip to a neighboring swing state for voter registration drives at the Univ or something.

    I am consumed, literally consumed, by this election, and by the fear that we won’t dig up enough shit on Palin between now and November to dissuade any of her rapture-loving fans.

  3. ps what does “Today is my donation day” mean anyhow? Like, you always donate on the fourth of the month or something???

  4. ps what does “Today is my donation day” mean anyhow?
    I was exaggerating a bit, but , yes, I do normal donate about the first of the month at least for the last several months.

  5. what does that do? why do the regular contribution thing?

  6. what does that do? why do the regular contribution thing?

    Not completely sure what you’re asking, but, I set an amount I wanted to contribute to the campaign over the long haul which is more than I can give at any one time. Hence, I give a monthly contribution (roughly matching when I get paid). Don’t forget that only 8 months ago I was still earning a lowly postdoc salary in a very expensive city.

  7. gotcha. I thought I was missing some key strategy from the perspective of the campaign…

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