Juniorprof is in Glasgow, and he’s pissed

So here I am at IASP in Glasgow… Great meeting so far; however, I’m totally peeved at the hotel. Once again I was planning to semi-live blog the conference but I don’t like lugging the laptop around so i was planning to do it from the comfort of the hotel. First off, the conference sanctioned hotel is anything but comfortable. Second, wifi access costs 20 bucks a day?!?WTF!?! What are these people nuts? Anyway, I finally caved to download some data from the email and thought I’d drop in. This is three conference hotels in a row with no free wifi. I am going to have to investigate in more detail in the future…

Did I mention that its cold and rainy in Glasgow and it will be that way until we leave?

Nice conference center and some good sessions going on. Lots about peripheral nociceptor sensitization. It so happens that this is a topic that I haven’t done a post on yet and is one that is near and dear to my heart so expect a long post on what’s new in peripheral sensitization when I get back to the comfort (and sunshine) of home!!


5 responses to “Juniorprof is in Glasgow, and he’s pissed

  1. Wow. Bummer about the no freebie wifi.
    Then again, haven’t you heard the joke about how copper wire was invented….two scotsmen were fighting over a penny!
    //I’ll duck and leave hurriedly now…

  2. Of course in Scotland “pissed” has a somewhat different meaning…

  3. I’ve been to Glasgow. I know what you mean about hotels and internet.
    Go to ANY corner coffeehouse – if you see people through the windows with computers, then that means they have FREE wifi if you sit there and have a coffee.

    I loved my meeting in Glasgow. I gave a talk in an old church building with light from the stained glass windows shining down me. And then we went to the local pub a few blocks away to realize THOSE stained glass windows were also shining down on us (the pub was an old church). Glasgow is much nicer and friendlier than Edinburgh – I wish I would have spent more time there.

  4. I coulda told you it was cold and rainy! ALL THE TIME. Imagine going through the ups and downs of a PhD in THAT weather, it makes us pretty damn stoic.

    And yes, the hotels are a little behind the times. At least you’re not at one of the ones where the bathroom is a little plastic room in the corner of your room, with shower and toilet crammed in the same tiny space. Or are you?

    Still… I miss Glasgow! I hope I can go back for a visit sometime soon. I also thought this would be a post about you being drunk…

  5. Good to hear that the mtg is interesting; I’m looking forward to hearing about nociceptor sensitization.

    But really, 20 bucks for wifi access? Who are these people? That’s just crazy.

    Just to note, while you were enjoying the rain and gloom of Scotland, I and mine were sunning ourselves on the beach. Just saying. Actually, I loved it when I visisted Glasgow and Edinburgh, and it’s at least an interesting place for a meeting. Unlike say SfN.

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