Daily Archives: August 20, 2008

Juniorprof is in Glasgow, and he’s pissed

So here I am at IASP in Glasgow… Great meeting so far; however, I’m totally peeved at the hotel. Once again I was planning to semi-live blog the conference but I don’t like lugging the laptop around so i was planning to do it from the comfort of the hotel. First off, the conference sanctioned hotel is anything but comfortable. Second, wifi access costs 20 bucks a day?!?WTF!?! What are these people nuts? Anyway, I finally caved to download some data from the email and thought I’d drop in. This is three conference hotels in a row with no free wifi. I am going to have to investigate in more detail in the future…

Did I mention that its cold and rainy in Glasgow and it will be that way until we leave?

Nice conference center and some good sessions going on. Lots about peripheral nociceptor sensitization. It so happens that this is a topic that I haven’t done a post on yet and is one that is near and dear to my heart so expect a long post on what’s new in peripheral sensitization when I get back to the comfort (and sunshine) of home!!