The United States of… Polo?

Was anyone else more than a little dismayed to see the US Olympic team come marching out for the opening ceremonies with huge Polo logos on their chests?!? In case you didn’t see it, check here for a number of pics of the outfits and their huge Polo logo. Nice message to send there USOC and Ralph Lauren (but I suppose it would be what the world expects of us… a big ass corporate logo). And USOC, why highlight a designer that needs no additional help. If you want someone already ungodly famous recruit Tom Ford for goodness sake. If not, how about supporting the designers behind such great semi-new American labels as Modern Amusement or Band of Outsiders (or tons of others which are noticeably not obsessed with their own logos). As for you Ralph Lauren, there is a time and a place for your giant polo insignia, junior high and high school. Get over yourself!

UPDATE: It looks like it wasn’t just me that was outraged. The author raises a good point, did Ralph pay the athletes to become walking billboards?


7 responses to “The United States of… Polo?

  1. Hello from the Great Midwest…

    You know, for months we harped and harped on this topic. Over – and over – and over again. You won’t be surprised to read that it is really something of a polarizing topic.

    We are in the minority, at least during this lovefest.


  2. I was so dismayed. There were all these fantastic traditional outfits from all these other countries that were so totally cool and we walked out looking like we were ready to go…yachting. No offense to people out there who belong to a yacht club, but

  3. Sadly reflective of where we are as a country.
    BTW, Tommy Hilfiger must have been pissed—all those years he pimped out the red white and blue on every damn thing he pumped out and they go and give the Olympics contract to Lauren. I guess Tommy wasn’t corrupt enough.

  4. traditional outfit? what we shoulda been in some cartoon native american shit? or pilgrim extra-drab?

  5. So what’s the story behind the taped-over US shield on the mens and womens soccer uniforms in the Olympics? No other country has their national shield taped over. Why did our players do this? It looks really tacky and unnecessary. Anybody know?

  6. I thought the get-up looked cool. But I didn’t notice the Polo logo. If I did I probably would have found them less cool.

    They were still better than the department-store made Canadian outfits. Don’t get me started on that sad tale of embarrassment…

  7. Keep these arlcetis coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

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