Science blogging fantasy football league?

Dear fellow science bloggers and readers, I’m a fantasy football junky and as I was setting up another league I thought it might be fun (and interesting) to start up a fantasy football league for friends and readers of this here blog. If anyone is interested, drop a line in the comments. I’ll set it up on yahoo (largely because yahoo is easy and its easy to keep your ID secret in those leagues) and I will email out info on league details as we get enough players lined up. So, who thinks they can take Juniorprof on the fantasy football field?


6 responses to “Science blogging fantasy football league?

  1. JP,
    Count me in as long as you don’t have a live draft or things like that. If the thing will autodraft and is generally low maintenance, I’d be happy to kick your ass on a weekly basis! You’re welcome.

  2. It will be an auto draft. Low maintenance all the way around.

    So we have 2 now… who’s next?

  3. Football? I’m guessing you don’t mean FA soocer…too bad…

  4. here I thought you were going to draft science blogger teams and score on beef, smackdowns, pageviews and shit like that… Damn I had my picks and everything.

  5. I’m a huge football fan and am really tempted, but I don’t think I can handle anything more complicated than the Pick ‘Em game. BTW, you wouldn’t happen to be a Cowboys fan, would you? I think you mentioned in one of your posts that you’re originally from the Big D.

  6. Mad Hatter, Yes, I am from Big D. And, Yes, I am a huge Cowboy fan. However, I cannot stand Dallas and would never go back if Mom wasn’t there!

    Sign up, its very easy to play… I would argue it takes less effort than Pick ‘Em and its more fun.

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