Juniorprof is swamped

Lot’s of great stuff happening in the lab these days, lots of grants in various stages of readiness and a whole slew of trips upcoming. All of which means very little time for blogging. We’ll try to get something new up here in the next few days but for now the nose needs to stay on the proverbial grind-stone…


2 responses to “Juniorprof is swamped

  1. Hey, I think it’s amazing (and awesome) that you and all the other blogheads ever find time to write your blog entries. Good luck with your grants! As soon as I get back in town, I’m hitting the grant mill myself….

  2. I feel your pain! When I was trying to make my July 7 deadline blogging was the last thing on my mind. I’m trying to turn over 2 papers and have a big stack of others…so blog is going to trickle out slowly from me as well!

    Good luck with it all!!

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