Your ipod’s lame music meme

DrdrA tagged me so I’ll play along. For consideration are the lamest songs on your ipod. I am a real music junkie and I have too much stuff to do songs so I will do a slight variation on the meme, lamest artists/bands/groups on my ipod: Here goes…

1) Air Supply. I have ’em all. Making love out of nothing at all is a pure classic.
2) Rick Astley. One word: awesome
3) Erasure. Still great after all these years. Seen ’em twice live, they should be on Broadway (propably are).
4) Celion Dion. Hey I lived in Quebec for 3 years (yeah I know she’s a traitor).
5) Evanescence. I don’t know but I think they are widely considered lame now, but I don’t care… great stuff for the gym.

Well that does it. I guess we’ll get to the new book one next.


9 responses to “Your ipod’s lame music meme

  1. OHHHH! Celine Dion.. now that’s a good one. Rivals Ricky Martin for sure!!

  2. Air Supply is so horrific, I think you have exceeded the bounds of even this meme!

  3. Whatever, Air Supply rules.

  4. Seriously though, I once had the itch to listen to Rick Astley at the gym. It was blaring out of my headphones (which can be loud enough for others to hear) and a young lady poked me on the shoulder and said “are you listening to Rick Astley?” I proudly said “yes”, she immediately started laughing and walked away to tell her friends about the goof-ball. I’m selective on my Rick Astley moments now.

  5. I love Rick Astley!

    Probably a lot of people would think my Green Day Bluegrass is pretty lame. Also my Moog Cookbook versions of a bunch of 90s alt rock songs. OOOh and Tijuana Christmas.

  6. Hey, I forgot that I can tag people… Arlenna, you’re already started so you’re tagged. We’ll leave it at that.

  7. Agreed about Evanescence in the gym. Even among indie snobs, though, I don’t think they’re embarrassing enough to qualify for this subject.

    The Rico Suave on my iPod, though…

  8. Rico Sauve, my God!! I tried to forget about that one…

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