Daily Archives: July 24, 2008

Book meme, while we’re memeing

I’m a bit confused on exactly which tags DrdrA has passed onto me but I’ll follow on uncertain Chad and Bikemonkey either way… Continue reading

Your ipod’s lame music meme

DrdrA tagged me so I’ll play along. For consideration are the lamest songs on your ipod. I am a real music junkie and I have too much stuff to do songs so I will do a slight variation on the meme, lamest artists/bands/groups on my ipod: Here goes…

1) Air Supply. I have ’em all. Making love out of nothing at all is a pure classic.
2) Rick Astley. One word: awesome
3) Erasure. Still great after all these years. Seen ’em twice live, they should be on Broadway (propably are).
4) Celion Dion. Hey I lived in Quebec for 3 years (yeah I know she’s a traitor).
5) Evanescence. I don’t know but I think they are widely considered lame now, but I don’t care… great stuff for the gym.

Well that does it. I guess we’ll get to the new book one next.