Bike thieves are the lowest form of life

You try to do the right thing, riding to and from work, finally get into road biking (after years on a mountain bike — that also got robbed 4 months ago) and some jerk goes and robs your ride. Did I mention that’s the second one in four months? Did I mention its between seasons and darn near impossible to find a 56 or 57 in a decent price range right now? Did I mention my 25 mile ride for Sat morning that I’ve been looking forward to all week is off? Did I mention that I’m pissed?

Looks like I’ll be spying the pawn shops for the next few days.


13 responses to “Bike thieves are the lowest form of life

  1. Sorry about your bike JuniorProf. I tend to be a little anal about making sure my bike is locked up, but I also know that my present lock wouldn’t be sufficient in certain areas of the country. Hope you can find a bike soon!

  2. Pawn shops???

    D00d. Srsly. You are faculty now. And some sort of fashion maven.

    You need one o’ them fashionable fixxies with the matching bright colored tires and chain.

    C’mon now, you have an image to uphold!

    oh, and buy a lock.

  3. I was waiting for you to show up BM!

    First off, I had a serious lock on it. Apparently they crowbared me. How that happened in broad daylight in front of a busy building I have no idea.

    Second, I’m going to the pawn shops to try to find my damn bike (Schwinn Fastback CX 2007). Not the greatest, but my first rode bike and I liked it.

    I’m looking for a new one now and I’m thinking about getting an Orbea Aqua. Is that decent enough for you? I’m also heading to the local Felt dealer today to look at some of theirs. Finally, I’m trying to find a Specialized Allez Ellite Compact but no one seems to be able to get one in a 56 and the 2009s aren’t out yet. We’ll see what I do, but I need to get one soon cause walking to and from work in 110 heat blows!

  4. Make that road, so pissed I cannot type. And I have to give a big talk in 30 min. Why are ground rounds always so damn early in the morning?

  5. That totally sucks.

    Hope you rock the grand rounds talk. Teach those doctor types something!

  6. I’m assuming by serious lock you mean U-lock?

    I have to admit that I fully expect my bike to get stolen if I leave it outside. If you get an Orbea or a Felt, I would honestly never use it for commuting unless you can bring it inside. I have some really old bikes that I use for commuting so if they get stolen, I don’t feel so bad.

  7. I’ve always wanted to anti-theft my bike with a good ol’ cattle prod (think cow tazer). It might not save my bike, but the moron thief will be a little more careful next time…
    I know a lot of people in my building who got their bikes stolen, so I bring my bike up to the lab every day. Luckily we have a good spot for it, so it’s out of the way.
    By the way, although a brand new big-name bike will surely be a sweet ride, you’re red-flagging yourself for another theft. I picked up a 25 year old Peugeot racer for 80$. I changed the entire drivetrain but left the peeling stickers and rust spots, so ain’t NOBODY gonna to steal that! Kinda reminds me of the old SNL skit on the Chameleon anti-theft car: “a luxury car on the inside, a dilapidated wreck on the outside, with such features as simulated transmission fluid leak, mismatched hubcaps (one painted school-bus yellow), coat hanger antenna and a supple, leather and wood interior, to deter the high risk of theft that accompanies luxury cars.”

  8. (Schwinn Fastback CX 2007). Not the greatest, but my first rode bike and I liked it.

    Thought that was a crosser, no? Do we need to do some basics? cyclocross bike roadbike. Although they make kick ass commute bikes, true, much superior to a real road bike.

    Orbea Aqua….Specialized Allez Ellite Compact…Felt…. Is that decent enough for you?

    Much more respectable than actually shopping at a pawn shop, yes. phew.

    and if you got lifted outside, yeah, you gotta start taking it to the office or lab with you…

  9. crap, my symbols got stripped. cyclocross bike is not equal to road bike

  10. Yeah, it was a crosser but I stopped riding trails and found that I developed a love for burning up hills so I put road tires on it. I’m actually heading out to try out a Felt right now. Found a few in my size still left at a local shop. I’m feeling better already!

  11. FN, you cracked me up. You’re always good for a few laughs my friend!

  12. that sucks.

    I got a used road bike for around 200$…great purchase.

    I bring it up to lab every day, there are lots of people who ride in here, but I don’t want to risk theft!

  13. So I rode about 20 bikes in my size and finally settled for a 2006 Felt F80 with a slight upgrade on the gear for a sweet price. Still want my old bike back but I’m loving the new one. Had a great ride this morning… too bad its blazing hot by 9AM here now cause I wanted to keep going but was starting to get a tad dizzy…

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