Completely Disgusted

I was watching The News Hour last night and Jeffrey Brown was interviewing Carol Rosenberg of the Miami Herald about the start of the Guantanamo hearings for the trial of Ramzi bin al-Shibh and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. She mentioned that the proceedings were being shown to reporters via a closed-circuit system that was on a 20 sec delay so that the information being streamed to reporters could be censored for security concerns. A bit into the interview she mentioned that Ramzi bin al-Shibh was on psychotropic meds:

Ramzi bin al Shibh, one of the detainees, who — the one who was shackled to the floor, talked about some psychotropic drugs he was on, and the screen went blank, and the white noise came, and we were told that we couldn’t hear the discussion of what kind of drugs he’s on as part of his HIPAA privacy protections.

WTF, HIPAA protections!!! These suspects, who should be prisoners of war with the associated legal status, have no defined legal rights under national or international law but they have HIPAA protections? That’s a cop out if I’ve ever heard it.

Amnesty International has this to say:

Observers were later told that the sound had been cut under the Health Information Protection Act (HIPA). Such an explanation suggests that even if the US Constitution and international law are deemed by the US authorities not to apply to the detainees, this piece of legislation does.

Makes my head want to explode. What an utter disgrace. When are they going to tear that abomination that is Gitmo down and do this in a manner that is consistent with the principals principles that this nation is supposed to represent?


2 responses to “Completely Disgusted

  1. Apart from the humanitarian atrocity that this (Gitmo, sanctioned torture etc) represents, there is also the issue of protecting ones’ troops’ interests. It has never ceased to amaze me that our armed forces aren’t in more of an uproar over this kind of shit—can an American soldier who gets captured by enemy combatants now reasonably expect to be treated humanely?
    Throw in the abysmal battle-supplies and on-field support, rotten VA care system, constant erosion of benefits and even pay—how the hell does the GOP constantly get popular cred for being armed-forces friendly again? Freaking stupid and freaking sad!

  2. Also, a minor correction to point out (and this is not meant to be a criticism at all—I screw up writing all the time)—I think you mean “principles that this nation is supposed to represent?” not “principals that this nation is supposed to represent?”.
    The problem with our country in recent years has, in a way, been that it has represented only its greedy, amoral, soul-less, cowardly principals and not its noble principles.
    Of course, as I write this I do realize that you are technically correct because, in a democracy, the principals are supposed to be the people not their ‘public servants’, and the people have certainly not had good representation lately. But that’s the subject of a different rant.

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