Two exciting pieces of news today.

1) I just accepted an invitation to become a contributing editor at a well respected Neuroscience Journal. This is exciting for several reasons (recognition of scientific contributions and quality reviewing as well as a big plus for the old tenure packet) and is something I really look forward to doing. I also know that this is very much tied to the effective mentorship of the Dr. PostDoc Mentor (in ways that I will not elaborate on now). That reminds me, I need to write that post about how Dr. PostDoc Mentor managed to be such an effective mentor. This is especially relevant due to the discussion going on over at DM.

2) Any hour now we are going to pass 10,000 hits here at juniorprof. Many thanks are due to DM, PP, Abel, DrdrA, Alex and Dr. Jeckyll for their support and linkage.

2 responses to “Milestones

  1. Hey Congrats- that’s great news!

    And about the 10,000 hits… I right behind you!!

  2. Whoa, that was fast!

    We may have pointed to you originally but it’s your quality content that keeps them coming back.

    Good on ya, mate!

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