Daily Archives: May 30, 2008


Two exciting pieces of news today.

1) I just accepted an invitation to become a contributing editor at a well respected Neuroscience Journal. This is exciting for several reasons (recognition of scientific contributions and quality reviewing as well as a big plus for the old tenure packet) and is something I really look forward to doing. I also know that this is very much tied to the effective mentorship of the Dr. PostDoc Mentor (in ways that I will not elaborate on now). That reminds me, I need to write that post about how Dr. PostDoc Mentor managed to be such an effective mentor. This is especially relevant due to the discussion going on over at DM.

2) Any hour now we are going to pass 10,000 hits here at juniorprof. Many thanks are due to DM, PP, Abel, DrdrA, Alex and Dr. Jeckyll for their support and linkage.


Nature practices what it preaches… where is Science?

I don’t know when this started but I am impressed. There has been much hand wringing of late (well not really of late, its been going on for years) about the ever increasing density of Nature and Science papers and the lack of full methods in the full text of their articles. This information is generally available in the supplementary data files but it is not uniform and having separate files for supplementary files and the actual paper is tedious at best when you are trying to read through a paper. Moreover, the recent Linda Buck group retraction that included an author contribution line (which I still think was weird) was further complicated by the fact that an author contribution line wasn’t standard for Nature. Well, no more. Nature articles now include an author contribution line.

All I can say is, way to go Nature. The author contribution line is nice but the methods section attached to the downloaded PDF is fantastic!! I use a program called Papers to organize and read my PDFs and having separate supplementary files to go along with the manuscript was a real pain. I don’t need to worry about it, at least for the full methods (which I really do care about reading) since they are now part of the downloaded PDF. Time to fall into line Science! This is a service that your readers deserve.