Daily Archives: May 21, 2008

It can’t just be me

I’ve been getting inundated with emails lately to do something that I think might otherwise be a nice gig — become an editor-in-chief of a journal. Unfortunately (and no surprise) these solicitations haven’t been for journals that I actually read. Rather, they’ve been for brand new, open-access journals for a variety of odd topics.

It all started about 3 months ago when I got invited to be on the editorial board for a new pain-specific journal. That one actually excited me and I applied. I was accepted, although the journal hasn’t published a paper yet, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that a good number of my more senior colleagues can also be found on the editorial board for the journal. Once that editorial board page was up, the flood of emails began.

Just today I got two, the more ridiculous one was an invite to apply for editor-in-chief of “genetically modified organisms”. Well, I’ve worked with KO mice before so I guess I’m eligible? Seriously, WTF?

There are two points/questions I’d like to make/pose with this little discussion:
1) Are the rest of you PIs and Postdocs getting all these wacky emails from journals and publishing houses no one has ever heard of before?
2) Almost all of these have been open-access journals. I am all for OA, but I get the impression that some OA publishers are just throwing all the crappy ideas they can think of at the wall and seeing what sticks. Is this any way to run a publishing house? Is this healthy practice for the OA movement? I say no on both counts.

Finally, I’ll just note that I realize that every journal once started as a journal no one had ever heard of before but come-on. If ya’ll are getting any of these emails you know what I’m talking about!


America’s inner racist emerges, in WV and KY

The “O-Man” got pummeled by HRC in West Virginia and Kentucky. We’ve heard her reasons for the big wins. I, for one, am not buying it. Neither is Timothy Egan of the NYTimes. Rather than repeat what he says, go check it out. His position is also mine. 1 in 5 white voters in KY said that race played a factor in their voting preference. Guess what that means…

DM gets credit for spawning the confrontation of America’s inner racist in this here election cycle.