Daily Archives: May 10, 2008

The live blogging that never happened, again.

Well, I’m still here at the American Pain Society (APS) Meeting in lovely Tampa Fl and once again I never got around to blogging the conference.  This time internet access was no problem, I’ve got it everywhere, but time has not allowed for any posts.  This meeting is a bit odd for a basic scientist.  There is very little new science here but there is a good deal of socializing and deal making to be done.  One of the main reasons is that this is essentially a corporate meeting.  All the Big Pharma entities are here touting there latest trials and trying to convince the physicians to write scrips for their compounds.  I’m fine with that.  Much of what they show is evidence based (rather than trying to get someone to write scrips based on taking them to some fab seats at a ball game) and there are really some nice new treatments out there for groups of patients that haven’t been helped much by other therapies.  It also appears that there is a big push to create new formulations for COX-2 selective inhibitors to make them safer.  Some of the combos are pretty interesting and I hope they find some success when their safety trials ramp up.  Another thing I’ve noticed is that if you can get your drug some bioavailability in patch form then you’ll be pumping out patches at your wonderdrug factory.  This is good news, I think.  Local actions for drugs can avoid psychotropic side effects and give you a degree of specificity that you just cannot get with P.O dosing.  If I still had my pain issues I’d be looking to try some patches (thankfully I haven’t had to worry about this so much lately).

So, PK/PD and new formulations are interesting and all, but I’m a preclinical kind of guy so what’s going on here at APS? Continue reading