Daily Archives: May 6, 2008

Juniorprof answers stupid questions that MSNBC talking heads botched

Q: Why aren’t white people voting for Obama in greater numbers?

A: Well, let’s see, some are racists.  Some are Republicans following the will of Rush.  Most just prefer Hillary right now.  Wait till Nov, they’ll vote for Obama then.  Why do you keep asking this question?  Do you think a primary vote means anything about who someone will vote for in November?

Q: Why do people with college educations vote for Obama in such overwhelming numbers?

A: Because they have time/motivation to actually watch the news and they understand that this country is in dire straights. They get that our international reputation is in shatters and this matters to them.  They know that Obama as president will immediately repair our image in much of the world.  They also know that there are no easy solutions to our problems and that they will take time.  Compromises need to be made and issues need to be thought out carefully with all of the evidence considered.  Anyone who proposes a gas-tax holiday obviously doesn’t get it (or will say anything to get elected).

Q: Working class whites without a college degree just won’t vote for Obama. Why?

A: First off, like I said, wait till Nov, they will.  Second, many, if not all of them did better during the Clinton administration.  They remember those years fondly and want them to come back.  Many of them got into the markets for the first time during those years and did quite well for themselves.  Then they got smacked in a way they never thought was possible.  Very little of this had anything to do with Clinton, on either end, but the correlation exists. Finally, she tells them what they want to hear and they are getting hammered right now.  Obama’s fixes will take longer but they will be sustainable.

Q: Young people are voting for Obama in record numbers.  What’s up with that Pat Buchanon?

A: He’s our generation’s JFK.  Its pretty simple.  If you’re over 33, shut up, I’m having a moment.

Q: Has the media overplayed the Rev Wright story?

A: Jesus Christ!  Are you fucking kidding me?  Shut up already, can’t you see we have some real problems on our plate here?

INTERRUPTION: Obama just said Wolfpack, that’s it, he lost my vote.

Q: Should Hillary drop out out after her drubbing in NC?

A: Of course she should but she can do whatever she wants with her campaign.  Afterall, she has virtually no chance of winning now and she is only hurting herself for her political future.  If she wants to continue to do that, it is her choice, but I think she should make a wise choice because she can and should still have a bright political future. 

That’s all for now, and Obama is speaking so time to wash down in the O-Aid.  Perhaps will get more Q and A later when the stupid question panels return to ask the same people the same tired questions for 4 more hours.  I can’t wait!