Daily Archives: May 5, 2008

I’m back… time to leave again

Well, aside from the lack of internet access the Cayman Pain Meeting was a big success.  I have been to this meeting several times and it never disappoints.  There were 6 days of talks and about 30 sessions with more than 100 speakers.  Each speaker gave a ten minute talk with 5 minutes for discussion.  Nearly every talk was about the latest findings (so mostly unpublished work) from the lab of the PI or the latest work of the postdoc (yes, several postdocs gave talks).  Following the morning sessions we had time to get together and talk science and I had the opportunity to meet several junior PIs at a variety of institutions who are getting some exciting research projects off the ground.  All in all, despite the funding problems we are all experiencing, these are exciting times for the pain neuroscience field.  Below are some of the major themes that emerged from the meeting….  Continue reading