Live Blogging update… no internet!!

Well I’m at the conference and was gonna live-blog it, but, I’m having a heck of time getting wireless so this isn’t gonna work out as expected.  Turns out that everything costs a fortune in Cayman and as much as I’d like to blog from here, I’m not spending the cash they want to get wireless at the conference hotel.  I’ll try to put together a summary mid-conference and another at the end.  Until then, its an interesting conference so far with lots of new stuff being presented.  The major theme has been the role of microglia in neuropathic pain.  Several aspects of the pathway are becoming more clear including initiation and maintenance.  There have also been some good presentations on clinical candidates that are getting close to making it into humans.  More on all of this later…


One response to “Live Blogging update… no internet!!

  1. You must have internet by now! How was the meeting?

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