Daily Archives: April 25, 2008

Cult Fiction Book Meme

Bike Monkey tagged me for the cult book theme and (sing it with me now) I always do as I’m told.  This is a bit scary because I’m afraid I may have read a good number of these books.  Then again, maybe their list isn’t hardcore enough for my tastes…

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Juniorprof is going to Cayman…

Every two years my little subfield, the pain world, gets together on Grand Cayman island for the Spring Pain Research Conference. As you might imagine, this is just about my favorite conference (and it takes the cake for Mrs Juniorprof). Not only is the conference held in paradise, but the format of the conference is just about perfect for networking and jump-starting collaborations. The meeting itself is in the morning, 8-1, and the rest of the day is free for hanging at the beach, having some rum-based drinks and talking about cutting edge science with most of the leaders in the field.

This will be my 3rd time to go to this conference. The previous times I was either a grad student or a postdoc. This time I’m the junior PI on the scene and I’ll be presenting some work from my postdoc with a bit of data from the new lab sprinkled in here and there. Since this will be the first opportunity to talk about work that is ongoing in “my lab” I am very excited to get there and start waving the flag for the juniorprof lab. This is also a great networking opportunity. At previous meetings I frequently had the opportunity to talk about possible collaborations with other researchers but I was never in the position to be able to pull the trigger on doing such work. Its all different now and I am excited to create some opportunities for the lab through my networking activities at the conference.

Finally, I’m considering “live-blogging” the conference. The question is, dear readers, do you have any interest in reading about what’s new and exciting in the pain research field on this here blog? If so, I’ll see what I can do… if not, I’ll just tell you how nice the sand feels between my toes and post some pics of little fishies.