1 for 1

I’ve sent in a grant a month since I arrived at the new place. We got the first grant review back yesterday and low-and-behold it got funded! Now, its nothing to get all excited about because its just a small foundation-type grant but its a start. This particular project is a new one for me and its the first time that I have submitted a grant on the topic. It is very satisfying to know that a few people outside the lab thought that it was a worthwhile project. Can’t wait to get started. That’s all for now, back to the R01!

10 responses to “1 for 1

  1. Well done.

    I liken the experience to a crack addict stumbling upon a (insert project duration here) year supply of free rock.

  2. …I should add, as thrilling as it is deadly

  3. No, not Whitehall… Its a local foundation and not bio specific.

  4. Congrats. A confidence-booster no matter what the size.

  5. Congrats JP. And good luck.

  6. a good start JP, congratulations!

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