Obama an Elitist?

My head has been on the verge of explosion all day listening to the talk about Obama’s comments in San Fran and the claim that he is an “elitist”. I’ve been trying to write a post about this for several hours now and am too mad to express my sentiments accurately. Luckily, The Field Negro has already said what I’m feeling in a more elegant fashion than I can… check it out..

I would just like to add that I think Obama was exactly right. White, small town Americans are bitter about their economic situation and they are clinging to extremist views and prejudices to rationalize their bitterness. Something has to be done about this, it is in no ones interest to allow the world to pass these people by economically. They need to be appealed to rationally and truthfully and their fear-of-the-other immigration and protectionism views must be shown to be wrong (in the strongest possible fashion). The good-old-days are never coming back for these people in the way they imagine they will (thankfully). That does not mean that there is not a way forward for them and it is not looking down on these people to search for ways to bring them back on board with economic and social advancement. Quite the contrary.


4 responses to “Obama an Elitist?

  1. Field Negro is a fucking brilliant writer.

  2. but we’ve already established that you can logic the voters into voting their own interests. so you are left with marketing. and so long as Obama keeps convincing the herd that he’s Tiger or Michael and not Jesse or Al…we’re good.

  3. “can’t” logic. dammit.

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