Daily Archives: April 8, 2008

Where to get some good deals on lab stuff

In my previous post I mentioned the Iowa Hybridoma Bank as a great place to find validated antibodies at incredible prices (its sponsored by NIH). Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde then pointed out that UC Davis and NINDS and NIMH have an operation going called NeuroMab where you can get some totally fly antibodies for Neuroscience research at some bargain bin prices (I got a few myself and saved a bundle). Next, Freddie Mac, up in Canada, pointed out that a company called D-Mark Biosciences has quality reagents at the right price (but only for hosers North of the border).

Let’s keep it going shall we. If you know a place to get quality products at great prices drop a line in the comments (don’t be shy Canadians, we’ll have a Canada section too — after all, I’m all about Canada you know). As we build up a list I’ll create a separate resource page here on the old blog. Hopefully this can become a useful resource for all of us.

The cheap stuff page is up