Daily Archives: April 6, 2008

A major accomplishment

Many of us are aware of the so-called two-body problem in the sciences but for those of us that are married to or with partners outside of our immediate profession our prolonged training periods still represent a major obstacle for allowing our significant others to get on with developing their careers. In the case of Mr and Mrs Juniorprof, Mrs Juniorprof has demonstrated a degree of patience and willingness to adapt that is truly remarkable. After all, I did drag her to another country where she had to learn a new language just to practice her profession (I suppose I didn’t actually drag her, it was a mutual choice, but still). Mrs Juniorprof has had aspirations to get a higher degree in her field and move to the next phase in her career development for quite some time but a number of unforseeable situations made this more or less impossible back in Quebec and back in the PhD locale. Hence, when it came time to make the next move we both came up with a set of priorities and, happily, we both agreed on our top choice.

First thing was to actually get here. That is accomplished now. The next phase was for me to get the lab going and for Mrs Juniorprof to get into the grad program. Well, we just found out that Mrs Juniorprof got into the grad program and we’ll be calling her Dr Mrs Juniorprof in approximately 4 years.

Soon to be Dr Mrs Juniorprof made many, many sacrifices for the sake of my career along this road and it is with a great deal of pride and gratitude that I offer her this public congratulations. I know there are many others out there who have had to put their lives on hold while us scientists follow the wild and wacky road that we must take to achieve independence. Hopefully many of those stories find happy endings like the one we had today.