Daily Archives: March 27, 2008

Some advice on negotiations for startups

For my first real post I’m gonna steal a little sumthin’-sumthin’ I wrote over at Drug Monkey.  The discussion was veering off into negotiations for startup funds and since I recently went through this process I dropped the following experiences: 

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Why Not?

Abel Pharmboy suggested that I start a blog and I always do as I am told… Actually I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile and decided why not.    I am a very junior tenure track faculty in pharmacology and neuroscience at a public institution in the Western United States.  

This blog will be a bit about science and the trials and tribulations of starting a lab, there’ll be a bit of politics (I’m down with the “O-man”) and a bit about fashion (yes, I said fashion — I almost bolted the science scene for fashion design in my younger days).    

First things first, some credit is due to the bloggers that got me into this.  Alex over at The Daily Transcript first got me interested in blogging for the purposes of talking about science. He continues to be my favorite place to see what is going on in the RNA world (which I dabble in a bit). The great DrugMonkey andPhysioprof have been giving incredible advice to us junior scientists for more than a year now and I owe them thanks for being pivotal in helping me in finding the right job and for providing a forum to talk about science, funding and the process of becoming independent. Finally, I’ve got to thank Abel Pharmboy for finally motivating me to get off my arse and start blogging. 

Hopefully we’ll have some fun here… and we’re off to a great start because UNC just won big!! GO HEALS!!